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AMG & Associates, LLC ("AMG") is a land development company that specializes in the development of affordable and market rate housing.

Our philosophy is to capitalize on the added value opportunities created through assembling the most qualified and trustworthy development and capital partners. We believe that the highest
yields are achieved through land acquisitions that have been overlooked by developers and investors that do not have the risk appetite for complex land entitlements and financing
structures. AMG principals are involved in all aspects of the development process in which all
of its projects involve an institutional capital partner and an experienced development partner.

In every land development project that AMG develops, it takes the land acquisition entitlement risk, develops the financing plan, selects the most qualified development and capital partner, and then oversees the project through permanent loan conversion and/or sale. Other land development transactions involve joint ventures with land owners or ventures with municipalities. To date, AMG has developed over 3,600 units with a total project cost of over $450MM, partnering with its strategic development partners in 55 limited partnerships.

Through extensive due-diligence, experience and its own capital at risk, AMG minimizes its capital partner's land development risks. Alexis Gevorgian is the principal of AMG and responsible for all partner and local agency relationships from the acquisition of land through the completion of the project.